Saturday, 15 March 2014


Dear friends ,

We all are affected scholars in the strategy of AP govt. and Dravidian University both are jealous competition with previous good VC and DD for could not get robbed money. The previous VC might admit more PhD students but before UGC norms entered which might be his administrative talent or for fulfill insufficient fund of Dravidian University. On his talent the AP govt. and newly came VC doubt and jealousy. But while enter the the new VC did not take the any care about PhD scholar at the time the govt. put the case for par Ph.D and cancelled Ph.D. At the time the previous VC and DD grounder filed against the Govt. Putted the case till now the govt. or new VC could not care. So now the case is bending. It is a history of drama of AP govt. and Dravidian University ……...
Both are feeling like we all are foolish, we don’t know constitution and fundamental rights, UGC norms and university norms and senate of university and by law. For these only a way please cooperates with our GCTM TAMILNADU Ph: 0435-6590843.

Here By Plant And Prayer Prepared For Court.
1. Any university right to take admission more level for university development
2.accorting to fundamental rights of Indian constitution no university power to par to give proper education for people and any govt. must give sufficient employment for every citizen.
3. Any single govt. is cant take decisions as monopoly power, because has limit within democracy in the formula of for the people... By the people..... Of the people.......
4. The university should produced any degree within the procedure year otherwise the university not eligible as a university not only that the staff also not eligible to get job and salary.
5. The admitted student had not mistaken they all were followed UGC and university norms. The Dravidian University and AP govt. are violated the rules and regulation of university act and constitution of India. Not only that, the Dravidian University and AP Govt. violate the human rights as education , employment , and income of the citizen.
6. The AP govt. and Dravidian University also cheating lot of lakhs amount
from the student of India in the name of conduct education. For this, AP govt. also went to assist for co-robbing.
7. Totally du and govt. violate, turbots, not response the constitution and totally violate the human rights and criminal economic offense. This is our problems of legally known may be changes our
GCTM Advocate even the criminal section of law, constitution ,human rights act , UGC act ,University act etc...
So friends immediately we will roll call as unity strength and conduct mutually even your surrounding Dravidian University PhD scholar’s friends. Within one month we surely got Ph.D degree. Immediate conduct everywhere as mutually.
Thanks you friends relax don’t worry. We are for us.
conduct cell ;09345021920
GCTM Branch leader. Prof. A.Krishnamoorthy
Dept. of Economics
Govt.arts college(auto)
Kumbakonam - 612001.


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